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We’re dedicated to producing thriving communities by delivering quality homes built with award winning expertise.

As one of the UKs largest private developers, we’re perfectly placed to offer the highest standard of build quality, in locations that offer excellent transport links and local amenities – within environments focused on fostering vibrant, happy, and safe community living.

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Vita homes are built to the exact specification as every one of our award-winning properties across the country

There is no differentiation to specification - so from breaking ground, right through to the sales process to completion, you are buying into a company that has successfully delivered over 4000 homes to date.

Whether it’s creating brand new sites or adding to existing developments, we are dedicated to helping reduce the massive undersupply of social housing across the UK. The National Housing Crisis is real and we, along with many other housing organisations are working towards one central focus – for everybody in the UK to have a safe, affordable home that is warm and comfortable.

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Our focus on reducing your bills

In July 2024 we were proud to reveal our first range of energy neutral, zero carbon homes – a standard that will be rolled out across all of our homes.

Our energy neutral homes are future proofing the delivery of social housing as well as offering an immediate benefit to our residents' bills. In the coming years, all new homes will need to be highly efficient. We are proud to be leading the way.

Measures taken include:

  • Carbon reducing bricks
  • Solar panels
  • Water efficiency systems
  • Air source heat pumps
  • LED Lighting
  • Additional insulation

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