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Safety - Repairs & Improvements

Home Safety

We take safety seriously and maintain our homes to a high standard of repair. Complying with all safety regulations, we provide guidance on addressing issues.

Repairs and Improvements

Our aim is to provide excellent housing, so that your home is safe and well maintained. When things go wrong, we will do our best to address them promptly.


In case of gas odours, electric sparks, or flooding, call the following numbers opposite.

Additionally, emergency issues include loss of water from taps, no electricity or gas, burst pipes or any breach of safety such as external entry gates not working.

Call immediately if:

  • Smell gas - +44 (0) 121 725 4080
  • Electric sparks - +44 (0) 121 725 4080
  • Flooding - +44 (0) 121 725 4080

For emergency repairs call us

We‘re here to help

routine repairs

It is our responsibility to carry out repairs so that your home is safe.

Please help us to help you by informing us of damages or repairs as soon as possible.

In order that we can arrange the repair with the right people as soon as possible it’s important that you’re aware of who’s responsibility the issue is – this is based on the terms of your agreement. Depending on whether you’re a leaseholder, freeholder, or social tenant – the regulations in terms of who is responsible for what, differ.

Your Vita Handover Pack or tenancy agreement will contain full details on exactly what you can expect from us, and what you are expected to organise yourself.

Generally, we as your housing provider are responsible for repairs of:

  • Roofs, windows, doors
  • Leaks
  • Broken heating inc boilers, radiators
  • Gas and pipes
  • Electrics – wiring and appliances that we have provided
  • For communal residents - the upkeep of communal areas

There are also things that you as the resident will be responsible for; again, these will be clearly explained in your Vita Handover Pack or Tenancy agreement.

There are certain responsibilities we will expect you to keep on top of, such as

Managing quick fix jobs such as replacing light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries.

Always using extractor fans if you have them in the bathroom and/or kitchen to reduce humidity which can cause condensation, damp and mould.

Report a Routine Repair

A reference number will be supplied so always keep this handy as it will help us to locate your issue each time we speak.